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Welcome to my family tree website.

I have uploaded the some legs of my family tree to the website and there is much more to come over the next few months. As I have used legs to organise the web site obviously some people will appear more than once.

On the left is the surname of the top person on a leg, a click on any name will take you to a list of people linked to that leg and their notes.

The normal provisos apply. I regularly receive information from other genealogist now and many thanks to anyone who has contributed to my knowledge of the families in my tree. It has meant that I have had to change my methods of working. I have now started adding people to the tree and then checking all the details as I would otherwise have lost people. So my advice to all is the information is as accurate as I can get it, but I would always suggest checking the details yourself as inaccuracies spread like wildfire. I try to get as many sources for each individual as possible and you can check how far I have got by referring to the individual's notes and references.

If anyone feels there may be a family connection I would love to hear from you. Also if you see any inaccuracies let me know. I can be contacted at

If you find any broken  links the webmaster can be contacted at

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